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ISDE(T) Scoring Software
by Vern Street
P. O. Box 1306
Sapulpa, Okla 74067
918-224-7433   E-mail

Want to do an ISDE Qualifier or type of event, but the scoring is too complicated?

Let us do the scoring for you - turnkey - we bring the equipment, computers,
printers, timing lights, and with a few people to help, we will score the entire
event, results usually within an hour after the event is over.

We have developed a number of programs for competive motorcycle racing.Oct03_13.jpg (25638 bytes)

These originated back in the early 1990's when the International Six Day
Enduro was possibly available for the USA. The ISDE has been ran for the last
74 years, not counting the war years and had been in the USA one time, 1973,
therefore would be an honor to have it return.

It is very time consuming to score the ISDE type events, for example, score     
600 riders thru 15 checkpoints, and up to 5 special tests, for 6 days, creates a pile
of data. Over the last ten  years, a set of programs were developed to
handle this mountain of data, both collecting, sorting, and printing results.

Prior to 1994, these programs were used to score various events in the Midwest.
Qualifiers were scored in Lubbock, Tx., Tulsa, Ok., Nashville, Tn., Rose City, Mi.,
Fayetteville, Ar., and ISDE(T) type events scored in Pueblo,Co. and Cass, Ar.
We have scored the RMEC event at Limon, Co. since the mid 1980's.  They
usually have in excess of 500 entries and scores are posted with-in two hours
of the end of the event.

The '94 ISDE was awarded to the Tulsa Trail Riders in 1994 and these programs
were used with success. After six days, with 600 riders, with computer equipment
bouncing around a 30000 acre ranch, every check and checkpoint were good.

Since 1994, we have scored various one and two day events around the country.

From these programs, special programs have been developed for Hare Scrambles
and motocross.

ISDE SCORING FEATURES:Oct03_15.jpg (19927 bytes)

  • Up to 1000 entries
  • Up to 6 riders per minute
  • Starting times by class
  • Up to 15 check points per day
  • Up to 5 Special Tests per day

Special Tests:

All Special tests have cellular phone capability, i.,e., score a test in
remote area and modem results via cell phone to main scoring location.

  • Grass Track - Terrain Test
  • Electric Eye timing to .01 Second resolution
  • Uses Precision clock - not the PC clock
  • Can input direct time
  • Can input direct Start and Finish times
  • File merges into ISDE Scoring File

MotoCross Scoring:

  • Up to 40 bikes per race
  • Electric Eye timing to .01 Second
  • File merges into ISDE Scoring File


  • By riders card - very quick -computer calculates next due time
    for you.  A zero points card requires only <ENTER> key per check.
  • Direct input by checkpoint from backup sheet.
  • Computer input from remote PC.
  • Automatically calculates check points scores.
  • Routines to delete a check- zero a check - calculate a check

Reports:Oct03_26.jpg (22778 bytes)

  • Special test results by class
  • Entries by class
  • Entries by Rider #
  • Entries by Rider name
  • Start times by time
  • Start times by rider #
  • Complete results by class
  • Referee's AMA report
  • Labels by Class with medal due
  • Diagnostic reports such as - class 0 entries (forgot class)
    missing check point report.
  • All Spec Test scores are ranked by class


  • The Hare Scrambles Scoring programs are the result of the many
    years experience scoring timed ISDE(T) events. 
  • Hardware clock with Electric eye - .01 Second resolution
  • Up to 1000 entries
  • Up to 30 classes
  • Prints elapsed time per each lap
  • Printouts sorted by class
  • Start times by class
  • Rider #'s - 1 to 999

    E-mail Vern Street or call 918-224-7433

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