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before.jpg (282948 bytes) misc2006_0403(003).JPG (510440 bytes) Misc2006_0304(004).JPG (484976 bytes) Misc2006_0304(003).JPG (487735 bytes) Plot.jpg (487672 bytes)

Before we 

Level plot -start

Existing pump house

Clean up plot
Cut trees

Digging the footer
plot2006_0805(002).JPG (476421 bytes) plot2006_0808(001).JPG (490466 bytes) footing2006_0816(001).JPG (475552 bytes) piers2006_0824(004).JPG (480807 bytes) piers2006_0831(001).JPG (480603 bytes)

Did this in August
Okla heat!

Rebar ready -
Bring on concrete

Footing ran!

Pouring Piers!

Piers Complete!
We need logs!

Logs12006_1228(004).JPG (476481 bytes) Logs12006_1213(007).JPG (341934 bytes) Logs12007_0110(002).JPG (498703 bytes) Logs12007_0110(003).JPG (466276 bytes) Firstlog2007_0222(005).JPG (481752 bytes)

Oh!  Here's the
logs (3 loads)

Unloading logs -
The Okla way.

Two stacks of
logs - 94 total.

These are white
pine - avg 12in.

Time to get the
first log - finally!
Firstlog2007_0222(010).JPG (487135 bytes) fourlogs2007_0226(002).JPG (474451 bytes) fourlogs2007_0227(001).JPG (487030 bytes) updt2007_0308(002).JPG (1077955 bytes) updt2007_0308(004).JPG (1079202 bytes)
First log is on
the piers!  only
63 to go!

Four logs up!

One big load of

Testing the HarborFreight
demo hammer

Testing the Dewalt demo

updt2007_0308(006).JPG (1100926 bytes) update12007_0308(004).JPG (1083865 bytes) updt2007_0305(001).JPG (1081475 bytes) update22007_0309(001).JPG (1094311 bytes) sevenup2007_0325(001).JPG (1121276 bytes)

Cutting more
rebar! Takes a
lot of rebar!

Working on
round 5!

Sara and the
Wheelhorse moves cutoffs

Raising the Lifting

Seven rounds up!

loghome2007_0412(003).JPG (490178 bytes) loghome2007_0413(002).JPG (467614 bytes) rebarquiver2007_0404(001).JPG (464234 bytes) tenup_0416(001).jpg (497884 bytes) tenup_0416(002).jpg (486230 bytes)
Ten rounds up! "Bear" is checking roof design! A rebar "Quiver"

A view from the
top of 10 logs
See the rebar?

10 high with
rebar waiting
to be driven.

FredCasey2007_0419(001).JPG (478332 bytes) FredCasey2007_0419(004).JPG (458964 bytes) FredCasey2007_0419(005).JPG (460530 bytes) FredCasey2007_0419(008).JPG (476611 bytes) FredCasey2007_0419(009).JPG (487529 bytes)

Fred Casey drilling with "Hole Hawg"

Fred moves along level 11 after drilling.

Chuck - ready to drive rebar -
Round 11

Driving rebar in
round 11 using demo hammer.

Vern, Sara, Chuck and Fred

Misc2007_0428(001).JPG (481095 bytes) Misc2007_0428(002).JPG (493607 bytes) Misc2007_0430(001).JPG (451566 bytes) rpsl2007_0517(001).JPG (484762 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(003).JPG (490820 bytes)

Setting a log on round 13 with Sara & Coby

Lift w/ FEL to round 9 and then straps to 11

Setting log in place - notice black clouds!

Time to cut Temporary Door

Slightly leaning -
but will work

rpsl2007_0518(005).JPG (484129 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(007).JPG (482547 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(008).JPG (490838 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(010).JPG (456084 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(015).JPG (477619 bytes)

Slide RPSL under wall

Now it's inside  the building

Starting to raise

Almost up!

Sara holds it against wall!

rpsl2007_0518(017).JPG (484754 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(016).JPG (487110 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(020).JPG (472625 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(018).JPG (486489 bytes) rpsl2007_0518(014).JPG (466758 bytes)

Chain hoist the
RPSL up above the rebar

Set it down on
the rebar

Use a plumb bob
to true up RPSL

Now, bolt to the
wall log.

West RPSL now

ridgepole2007_0531(001).JPG (489258 bytes) ridgepole2007_0531(005).JPG (476851 bytes) ridgepole2007_0531(006).JPG (487956 bytes) ridgepole2007_0604(002).JPG (313238 bytes) ridgepoledone2007_0605(002).JPG (443753 bytes)
Go get the Ridgepole Lift little end up on the walls Now, push it until it teeters and pull over to other side Now lift it up to the top! Now, climb up and rebar to RPSL!
ridgepoledone2007_0605(005).JPG (486099 bytes) wildflowers072007_0606(002).JPG (455716 bytes) CenterRPSL2007_0622(001).JPG (441907 bytes) CenterRPSL2007_0622(008).JPG (446130 bytes) CenterRPSL2007_0622(009).JPG (463967 bytes)
It's done!  An adrenal rush delux! Sunset view in Oklahoma! Install the
center RPSL

Finally got it
in place!

Three RPSL's
in place.

Girder2007_0625(003).JPG (492126 bytes) Girder2007_0625(005).JPG (504245 bytes) Girder2007_0625(007).JPG (502840 bytes) Girder2007_0625(009).JPG (477894 bytes) Misc2007_0711(005).JPG (440144 bytes)

Install the 2nd
floor Girder

Almost in
all the way

Inside view of
2nd floor girder

It's almost in
far enough.

RainClouds again!

Misc2007_0704(004).JPG (495515 bytes) Misc2007_0723(004).JPG (513898 bytes) Misc2007_0723(001).JPG (478147 bytes) Misc2007_0724(004).JPG (440389 bytes) Misc2007_0724(003).JPG (477287 bytes)
Time to cut some 24ft rafters Move it over to the house. Lean it up on the building. Pull it up to the top of RP.

Now, chain the bottom to cap log.

rafters2007_0724.JPG (449508 bytes) rafters2007_0725(003).JPG (460107 bytes) cuttingrafters2007_0807(003).JPG (484367 bytes) rafters2007_0829(002).JPG (473762 bytes) misc2007_0823(002).JPG (484782 bytes)
Drill and bolt at the top. Duplicate and now we have two sets!

Cut more rafters

Place block on bottom for stop

They break when you drop them!

misc2007_0810(001).JPG (496119 bytes) rafters2007_0829(003).JPG (465213 bytes) rafters2007_0829(005).JPG (470930 bytes) southporch2007_0903(005).JPG (136285 bytes) southporch2007_0912(002).JPG (483894 bytes)
Jimmy cutting all thread 22 rafters up! West end view.

Rebar the Rafters
to the Cap log

Raise the S. Porch support

southporch2007_0912(003).JPG (502363 bytes) southporch2007_0912(005).JPG (477928 bytes) southporch2007_0913.JPG (511687 bytes) decking2007_0921(003).JPG (484952 bytes) decking2007_0921(001).JPG (460815 bytes)
Almost up! Get it Straight! Now rebar some
rafters to it.
Build a walkway
to the roof

and start the

decking2007_0929(002).JPG (478207 bytes) decking2007_1013(007).JPG (460431 bytes) decking2007_1018.JPG (200922 bytes) decking2007_1009(001).JPG (489972 bytes) decking2007_1009(002).JPG (490266 bytes)

Decking with

Yea!  I found the top!

Decking complete -South side

Frame in the
North porch
North Porch
decking2007_1011(003).JPG (495385 bytes) decking2007_1020(001).JPG (474750 bytes) decking2007_1020(002).JPG (483224 bytes) roof2007_1112.JPG (482610 bytes) roof2007_1114(002).JPG (579686 bytes)
Build a walkway to
North side
Decking Complete
Both sides
Now I have to
build a roof on top of the Decking!
First, sleepers
are installed
North side ready
for insulation
roof2007_1114(001).JPG (477737 bytes) roof2007_1114(003).JPG (502059 bytes) roof2007_1118(004).JPG (489798 bytes) roof2007_1118(005).JPG (516223 bytes) roof2007_1118(007).JPG (566873 bytes)
Install the
facia boards
and trim
Yeah! The metal
has arrived
Putting up metal
over double bubble radiant barrier
More metal 
on North Side
My friend Randy
Titus helping with metal install
roof2007_1124(003).JPG (462471 bytes) roof2007_1126.JPG (468350 bytes) 009.JPG (489134 bytes) 012.JPG (494500 bytes) 019.JPG (498490 bytes)
Insulation installed - ready for metal Metal on South side! Okla Ice Storm
took the day off
Okla Ice Storm
my front yard
Okla Ice Storm
Neighbor's home
roofdone.jpg.JPG (469508 bytes) floor2008_0106(001).JPG (470792 bytes) floor2008_0106(002).JPG (473484 bytes) floor2008_0108(002).JPG (474989 bytes) floor2008_0109(003).JPG (479832 bytes)
Roof finally
Time to do the floor joists Randy mounts more hangers Putting down the sub floor More sub floor
floor2008_0110(001).JPG (481487 bytes) floor2008_0116(003).JPG (483826 bytes) floor2008_0116(004).JPG (460346 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0120(001).JPG (466336 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0120(002).JPG (472883 bytes)
Floor complete! Now, start hanging 2nd floor joists Bracket to hang joists on wall 2nd floor joists

more 2nd
floor joists

2ndfloor2008_0126(012).JPG (484517 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0126(006).JPG (530977 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0126(002).JPG (470563 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0126(001).JPG (468131 bytes) 2ndfloor2008_0126(007).JPG (476910 bytes)
Girder support Bracket 2nd floor decking Vern & Sara on  2nd floor loft Sara checking out temporary stairs Looking down from 2nd floor
2ndfloor2009_0128.JPG (540245 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0202(006).JPG (460555 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0202(017).JPG (465738 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0203(003).JPG (478542 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0203(005).JPG (481698 bytes)
Ready to raise 3rd floor girder Attaching 3rd
floor joists

Steve M. Checking out 3rd floor


Loading the last
of the 2X12's
Lifting 3rd floor decking up.
3rdfloor2008_0203(015).JPG (476074 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0203(019).JPG (475862 bytes) 3rdfloor2008_0203(022).JPG (448578 bytes) GableEnd2008_0209(010).JPG (292831 bytes) GableEnd2008_0209(018).JPG (493438 bytes)

Vern waving from 3rd floor

View from 3rd floor Sunset from 3rd floor

Randy working
on  East gable

East gable
framing complete
GableEnd2008_0212(001).JPG (493438 bytes) GableEnd2008_0212(002).JPG (495655 bytes) windows2008_0308(003).JPG (485347 bytes) windows2008_0316(005).JPG (473550 bytes) windows2008_0316(007).JPG (491955 bytes)
OSB board
West end gable
framing started
Cutting Windows Windows in west side Windows on East side - start board & bat
board-bat2008_0319(006).JPG (463800 bytes) board-bat2008_0323.JPG (482725 bytes) board-bat2008_0331(002).JPG (484856 bytes) board-bat2008_0331(001).JPG (473871 bytes) board-bat2008_0331(003).JPG (476442 bytes)
Windows w/
door - west side
Completed West
side - board-bat
Completed b&b
East side
Starting walls
Bathroom/mud room
chinking2008_0417(002).JPG (481277 bytes) chinking2008_0417(008).JPG (482114 bytes) staircase2008_0420(015).JPG (479389 bytes) staircase2008_0420(012).JPG (463887 bytes) stairs.jpg (475457 bytes)
Chinking under
stair landing
more chinking starting the
Setting the Stair
rails and landing
Placing the
stair threads
misc2008_0501(004).JPG (476461 bytes) ladders2008_0510(002).JPG (476099 bytes) ladders2008_0511(001).JPG (473590 bytes) backdoor2008_0514(003).JPG (479480 bytes) cutouts2008_0515(005).JPG (477507 bytes)
Main Staircase
to second floor
Never have
enough ladders!
Long ways up
to board/bat inside
Cutting front
door w/ guide
A door at last!
cutouts2008_0518(004).JPG (472588 bytes) cutouts2008_0518(005).JPG (480571 bytes) cutouts2008_0517(008).JPG (501062 bytes) cutouts2008_0518(006).JPG (496991 bytes) misc2008_0503(024).JPG (474209 bytes)
Cutting and
framing windows


Framing bath


Looks like a
cabin in the woods!
Backdoor w/
Dog-on  good
CobyD2008_0520(003).JPG (486460 bytes) CobyD2008_0520(009).JPG (482285 bytes) Misc2008_0707(003).JPG (475724 bytes) Misc2008_0702(001).jpg (478129 bytes) misc2008_0707(002).jpg (492508 bytes)
Preparing Blaster for corn cob blast About 10 minutes on wall Corn-cobbed
& ready for stain
Sanding the logs
removes fuzz
Starting the Stain
Misc2008_0707(004).JPG (476968 bytes) Misc2008_0713(004).JPG (462987 bytes) Misc2008_0713(003).JPG (479834 bytes) Misc2008_0713(007).JPG (471271 bytes) Misc2008_0728(003).JPG (478780 bytes)
East side Stained


Electrical Wiring under way Main panel ready to wire


Mounting an outside box on log wall Mounting an
inside box on
log wall
Misc2008_0728(005).JPG (472187 bytes) Misc2008_0815(001).JPG (493079 bytes) Misc2008_0821(001).JPG (477776 bytes) Misc2008_0829(002).JPG (479253 bytes) Driggs2008_0910(002).JPG (483345 bytes)
Cutting insul.
w/ electric
Spraying on
Sara's new
(old) sink
Unloading our
100 year old
floor planks
Sara stuffing
misc2008_0920(007).JPG (473688 bytes) misc2008_0922(002).JPG (481976 bytes) misc2008_1011(003).JPG (476920 bytes) misc2008_1011(006).JPG (469254 bytes) chinking2008_1018(013).JPG (482521 bytes)
New (old) floor
is down!
around RPSL
Grandson Aaron
Randy working
on plumbing
chinking2008_1018(020).JPG (482208 bytes) chinking2008_1018(029).JPG (481738 bytes) chinking2008_1018(030).JPG (469470 bytes) chinking2008_1018(031).JPG (482834 bytes) chinking2008_1024(001).JPG (498349 bytes)
Family chinking
Signing name More artists
signs the log
Rear of house
chinking2008_1024(003).JPG (495904 bytes) chinking2008_1024(004).JPG (478357 bytes) chinking2008_1024(006).JPG (478383 bytes) chinking2008_1024(008).JPG (436780 bytes) doors2008_1108(003).JPG (332285 bytes)
Front of house
West side of
Sewer line being
Building front
doors2008_1115(002).JPG (337098 bytes) doors2008_1115(006).JPG (253150 bytes) stovepipe2008_1118(004).JPG (484604 bytes) stovepipe2008_1118(005).JPG (508073 bytes) stovepipe2008_1119(002).JPG (250264 bytes)
Front door w/
Front door
Cutting big hole
in roof for
Attaching the
Lots of stove
stovepipe2008_1120(004).JPG (460985 bytes) stovepipe2008_1120(002).JPG (472944 bytes) Cfan2008_1126(010).JPG (478827 bytes) floortile2008_1128(001).JPG (476765 bytes) floortile2008_1128(007).JPG (482582 bytes)
Inside of stove
pipe box
Pex plumbing
good stuff!
Ceiling Fan
Floor tile
going in
floor insulation
misc2008_1201(001).JPG (469758 bytes) misc2008_1201(005).JPG (466374 bytes) misc2008_1204(004).JPG (478147 bytes) misc2008_1205(003).JPG (472596 bytes) misc2008_1207(002).JPG (481638 bytes)
Putting the
wood up on
Bathroom wall
Tile complete
in bathroom
Threading Pipe
for Gas
Cedar slab for
eating bar
misc2008_1208(002).JPG (480619 bytes) misc2008_1227(008).JPG (473779 bytes) misc2008_1227(005).JPG (472927 bytes) misc2008_1227(016).JPG (472461 bytes) NewYears092009_0103(003).JPG (479008 bytes)
Planing more
Hand Rails
going up!
Handrails -
spindles later
Making rails
on table saw
NewYears092009_0103(011).JPG (470643 bytes) misc2009_0129(005).JPG (458207 bytes) misc2009_0129(007).JPG (454225 bytes) fire2009_0202(022).JPG (500015 bytes) stain2009_0205(007).JPG (464704 bytes)
More Newyear
Board/Bat on
bird blocks
Walls finished
w/ board/bat
Wildfires are
very scary!
2nd floor
sink cabinet
stain2009_0205(006).JPG (468943 bytes) stain2009_0205(012).JPG (474671 bytes) stain2009_0205(013).JPG (477772 bytes) stainandtile2009_0210(002).JPG (464446 bytes) stainandtile2009_0211(005).JPG (478735 bytes)
Staining 2nd
More 2nd
floor stain
Used the paint
 crew airless
Complete tile
Tile around
the sink base
stainandtile2009_0209(007).JPG (466195 bytes) stainandtile2009_0211(012).JPG (459403 bytes) closet2009_0217(005).JPG (467434 bytes) moved_in2009_0303(001).JPG (463773 bytes) moved_in2009_0307(001).JPG (463149 bytes)
Sanding the
2nd floor
2nd floor
Rough in
Rough in
upper cabinets
Cabinets faced
need doors etc
moving2009_0212(008).JPG (485530 bytes) closet2009_0225(002).JPG (242370 bytes) moved_in2009_0307(002).JPG (467929 bytes) moved_in2009_0307(006).JPG (477173 bytes) closet2009_0227(006).JPG (474237 bytes)
Moved in -
left critters in barn!
Closet work Upstairs bath
works great!
2nd floor
more upstairs
moved_in2009_0307(007).JPG (458873 bytes) moved_in2009_0307(008).JPG (468592 bytes) moved_in2009_0307(003).JPG (466321 bytes)
Office area -
2nd floor loft
more 2nd floor
2nd floor bath